About Us


SanioInvest & Trade OÜ brand new company was established in Tallinn, Estonia with the aim to start developing new business opportunities for investor, developers and manufacturer from GCC, Turkey and China in Baltic states, Russia and Nordic countries. Our corporation has many investment plans up to 150 million Euro in mentioned market with close partnership from companies and corporation from around the world.  Our modern office and facility at the heart of Tallinn and the most talent expert with the deep business and economics knowledge with many years’ experience are guarantees that our products and services are with the highest standard and values

Our main focus industries are:

Computer systems, software’s and networks

Innovative and tech start-ups

Real estate and construction

Entertainment, tourism industry infrastructure and services



Sanio Invest&Trade OÜ is evolving the way investors make decisions. By seamlessly introducing the potential opportunity to investors, we make investment decisions easier, opening up more possibilities for investors and more profits for stockholders. To safety our target markets and distribute our value added innovative products and services while offering very reliable consultation and trade services.



We make a huge changes and influence on economy and change the development scenario through our brains and human capitals, who bring value to our stockholders, promise and collaborate for fast development. Our vision is become Europe first investment company.



Our values are part of our DNA. It direct us to the way we work with our corporate partners, within our international communities. Through dignity and integrity, accountability, passion, humility, simplicity and a focus on success. We have created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish. In each tasks of our project we think about green environment and industries, reducing Co2, SOx and NOx emission, clean cities, increase happiness and boost human life standards. In our core value we would like to change the world better place to live for its citizens.